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The Truth About Google Adwords Companies & The Pest Control Industry

The Start!

Most of us start out as bug-killers. We know how to perform pest control services and solve pest control problems. However we have no idea how to get those pest control leads. When I started in the pest control industry 20 years ago, you took out a full page add in the phone book and your phone rang off the hook. Now the phone books are a thing of the past. Besides the 55 year and older customer, not many people are looking to the phone directory anymore. Now everything is web presence, and if you don’t know where to start it can become overwhelming and very challenging to find a web designer, have your website optimized (which we will touch on in another post), and just plain hard to get your phone to ring.

The Truth!

You type in your google search bar “Website Companies” and wah-lah hundreds of websites¬† appear and you start clicking. Majority of the websites promise first place listings, top page results, and yada- yada- yada. So you decide to call one of these companies. The phone is answered by a receptionist who asks, how can I direct your call today? You reply “I would like to get a website built” You are given to a sales guy who knows nothing about your industry and sells you a $5,000 website that in the end looks beautiful, but has nothing under the hood, and produces no phone calls. In frustration you call back the company with a reply from the sales person that there is no guarantee for your phone to ring. You have just been Burned!

Google Adwords To Get The Motor Running!

You don’t need to invest $5,000 on having a new website built. For a fraction of that cost you can have a smaller site built. Than invest the money in having a Google Adwords campaign set up that isn’t hard to maintain by yourself. With Google Adwords you can achieve top placement on google which in return will make you visible to get your phone to ring. The Shark company that sold you the $5,000 website will never tell you this. The majority of your so called Digital web marketers are thieves who steal your money saying “Organic is the way to go” I have been through this several times until I got tired of giving the Sharks thousands of dollars with no return.

The End!

Google Adwords will get the motor running and start making you some money to cover the up front expenses of having the website built. Once the campaign starts making the phone ring, than you can start investing money in search engine optimization, and building more pages for your website. Start small and work to being big. Test the waters. If someone promises you top placement they are a crook. Run for the hills. Results can be achieved by building a small website and investing in a strong Google Adwords campaign.


How Search Engine Optimization can Ensure Higher Visibility of your Pest Control Service Business?

Do you want to increase the visibility of your pest control business on Google? Effective search engine optimization can be the right strategy. You can hire a company offering comprehensive SEO pest control services. The SEO experts in the company can rank your website higher and help you gain prominence among your target audiences. Today, we are going to discuss about the various techniques used by SEO professionals to optimize your presence on the Internet.

Take a Look at the Following

# Reaching out with local keywords

Yes, the right choice of keywords can get your organization in the line of sight of potential audiences. If you own a start-up, targeting local customers should be your main aim. An efficient SEO expert can suggest you to use your services as keywords and add the name of the locality where you serve.

For instance, you have a pest control business in Connecticut. In this case, the keywords can be something like this, pest control Connecticut, Connecticut pest control, exterminators in Connecticut and likewise. Remember, a person looking for pest control service providers or exterminators will first search in his locality. Why look outside if you can get what you want near your home?

# Using the social media platform

Leverage your access to social media by posting ads and content on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We all know how popular we can become on social media. SEO pest control services involve using effective techniques to popularize your organization over social media. The more people come to know about your services, the higher number of visits you get. An interested audience can also engage in the site

# Offering correct name, address and phone number

Can anyone find you without correct contact details? No. In the event that your business is listed on Google Maps and the phone number you gave is wrong, a prospective client will leave. You must have experienced times when you called a number from a Google Maps listing and it turned out to be a wrong number.

You can ask your prospective clients to state how easy it was to find you through the Google Maps listing. After you have offered your services, you can ask your clients to rate their experiences. Google algorithms add immense importance to the reviews you get while decisi9ng upon your potation on the ranking page.

# Optimizing through link building

Linking your site to other reputable sites is an effective way to increase its visibility. With each link, you increase your chances of standing out in the crowd of pest control service providers. An experienced SEO professional can deduce which site can be more effective in helping you to reach out among your target client base. He or she can accordingly, link your site to that website.

Search engine optimization is a vast domain. There are many more techniques involved in it that can give a website maximum visibility and increase brand awareness. An agency offering competent SEO pest control services can help your pest control business get closer to your targeted audiences.